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422-423 Daybreak, Parts 2 & 3

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Posted 14 June 2007 - 02:31 PM

Episode 422-423 - Daybreak Parts 2 & 3

Back in Caprica City before the fall, Bill Adama, Saul and Ellen Tigh are in a strip club drinking. Bill is still debating on whether or not he'll take the government assignment that's been offered to him. Reasoning that it will only be an hour out of his life, they drink to his retirement, assuming that a hopeful future lie ahead for them all. On the other side of town at Zak and Kara's apartment, Lee begins explaining his commitment to the service and affirms that he is nothing like his father, although he appears to be going down the same professional track. Zak jokes that Lee is a cynic at heart, who doesn't believe in the Service and would rebel if he could. Laura Roslin finds out that her date Sean used to be her student. Ignoring this fact, and her initial apprehension, they decide to let the night unfold naturally.

In present day aboard Galactica, Laura Roslin gets an injection that contains enough medicine to last her for two days, while the convoy mission takes place to find Hera. She becomes emotional and thanks Doc Cottle for saving her life and extending her chances of survival throughout the years. In order to find the Cylon Colony, the Final Five believe that by plugging Sam Anders back into the Galactica's, Draidus, FDL and C3 systems, his mind will be able to directly communicate with the colonies hybrids once they jump. Theoretically, his mind should be able to control the Baseship's commands and slow down their response time. They also conclude that plugging him into the CIC will allow him the greatest source of energy. Believing that this will be his last battle, Bill Adama gives Hoshi command of the fleet and Romo Lampkin becomes President of the colonies.

Rather than going with his flock, Gaius Baltar decides to stay on board Galactica to assist with the mission. He tells Paula that the group belongs to her now. In sickbay, Laura Roslin helps nurse Ishay prepare the area for those who will be injured during the battle. Nurse Ishay tells Roslin to mark those who can't be saved with a black "X". Preparing for the fight, Admiral Adama makes a ship announcement that this will be Galactica's last battle, he commands, "if we succeed in our battle, Galactica will bring us home. If she doesn't, then it didn't matter anyway." They prepare for the jump and land successfully on top of the Colony. The Cylon guns open fire at the ship yet when Sam and the Hybrid connect, the Colony ceases fire and Galactica is still able to hit. With the enemy defenses down, Galactica's main guns pound the Colony, which still can't fire back, and the ship's flank curtain is able to keep most of the raiders at bay. Adama commands the raptors to concentrate on taking out the Cylon battery. Meanwhile, despite the battle that's occurring around him, Simon continues to run tests on Hera, stating flatly that the humans don't stand a chance and that in the end it's all about mathematics. Knowing that she will be deemed a traitor, Boomer follows her heart, breaks Simon's neck and gets away with Hera. When Cavil, another Simon and Doral discover what she's done, they agree that when found, Boomer will be killed.

Awaiting the enemy attack in the halls of Galactica, Caprica tells Gaius that she's proud of him and they realize their need for one another. At that moment, the omniscient presences of Gaius and Caprica appear and inform them that they'll both be the future of the Cylon race. Caprica and Gaius are shocked at one another —thinking that their consciences were only imaginary images that lived in their heads. And just as they have this epiphany, the Cylons blow a hole in the door of deck 21. Aboard the Cylon Baseship, Boomer comes face to face with Helo, Athena, Kara Thrace and the others. She willingly gives them Hera and says to tell the Admiral that she owes him one, referring to the time that he gave her the chance to improve her piloting skills when she was a rookie. Not able to fully trust her, Athena kills Boomer, then escapes with her team and Hera.

Aboard Galactica, Roslin is overcome by the amount of death around her. She injects herself with a cocktail of drugs to numb the pain and this gives her the insight that the moment that she, Athena and Caprica all shared in dreams before is happening now. As Cavil enters Galactica, crossfire between humans and Cylons ensues and Helo is shot and Hera runs away. It becomes a frantic escapade to find Hera with Cavil, Athena and Roslin all trying to find here. Then in the aft hallway, Gaius realizes that he's "been here before" and the revelation of his and Caprica's destiny becomes clear. With Hera in tow, they go to the CIC where they see the Final Five standing on the landing above them, just as they had in their visions. But Cavil shows up, snatches Hera and puts a gun to her back, declaring that "this thing is the key to his survival and he won't leave without it." In his newfound selflessness Baltar is able to talk Cavil out of killing Hera saying that by trusting in God, there are other ways for survival. Saul decides to give Cavil and the rebel Cylons resurrection in exchange for a permanent armistice between humans and Cylons. Cavil agrees and gives orders to the vipers to cease their attack.

As the Final Five begin downloading the resurrection data all of their secrets are unearth and shared among the others. When Galen discovers that Tory killed Cally he becomes enraged, breaking the data transfer and snapping her neck, ending the momentary truce between humans and Cylons. A cacophony ensues and Cavil shoot's himself in the head. The admiral orders Kara to jump the ship immediately to save them all. Frightened that she doesn't have the correct rendezvous points, she remembers the piano player's words to "trust herself." The mystery of her destiny unfolds. She realizes that the song her father wrote and the drawing that Hera gave her were both signs of the directional track she would need to lead mankind home.

A savior to the fleet, Kara successfully jumps them 1,000,000 light years away to a land already occupied by an advanced civilization. And although the fleet has arrived safely to their new home, Galactica has broken her back and will never jump again. With the war ended, each crewmember has plans to find their individual destinies. Galen decides to go away to be by himself on an uninhibited island off the northern continents that he's found, Lee is excited about exploring the possibilities of the land around him, and Sam Anders will lead Galactica and the abandoned ships, no longer needed, into the sun. Before he is sent away with the legacy of Galactica, a grief stricken Kara Thrace bids Sam a final farewell and leaves her dog tags with him. Once she has left, he whispers "I'll see you on the other side."

Bill Adama puts Roslin in his raptor with plans of giving her peace in her final days and the chance to have the cottage she's always wanted. He says farewell to his children Lee and Kara and they watch him fly away for good. Later on, while marveling at the beauty of the animals and Earth around her, Laura Roslin quietly dies seated next to Bill in the raptor. Kara tells Lee that she's completed her journey and it feels good and before he realizes it, she vanishes. No longer visible to the eye, he looks around him and states that she will never be forgotten.

Helo and Athena prepare for their new future with Hera, while Gaius and Caprica watch over her from afar. 150,000 years later, on what is now present day Earth, the headlines read that scientists have discovered the skeletal remains of Mitochondrial Eve in Tanzania, who they believe to be the most recent common ancestors of all human beings now living on Earth. The guardian presences of Gaius and Caprica assess the present world filled with greed and an overload of technology they affirm — "all of this has happened before." Yet Caprica is hopeful that the destruction doesn't have to happen again. She believes that if a complex system repeats itself long enough, it might surprise itselfÑbecause that too is God's plan.

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