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Maelstrom - 316

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Posted 04 October 2006 - 11:29 AM

- Final Episode Title: Maelstrom

- Tentative Airdate: Sunday 3/04/2007
- Production Number: 317
- Airdate Order: Season 3, Episode 17

Starring: Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Jamie Bamber, Katee Sackhoff, James Callis, Tricia Helfer, Grace Park,

Co-Starring (tentatively): Michael Hogan, Alessandro Juliani, Tahmoh Penikett, Kandyse McClure, Aaron Douglas, Nicki Clyne, Leah Cairns,
*please note that all names above are linked to either or for extended details of there character and/or the actor or actress themselves.*

- Executive Producers: Ronald Moore, David Eick
- Written by: David Weddle, Bradley Thompson

- Directed by: Michael Nankin

Quick plot:
Kara Thrace is unraveling. While asleep, she dreams that she's in her old Caprican apartment with Leoben, struggling to cover up the colorful mandala that she painted long ago. While awake, she hallucinates that a little girl — her younger self — is with her aboard the Galactica.

In desperation, Kara visits a religious oracle, but the woman frightens her by saying that Leoben and even Kara's abusive mother are all part of Kara's great destiny. Indeed, Socrata Thrace, a hard-edged former soldier, had always justified her abuse of her daughter by claiming that she was raising Kara to be a special warrior.

Haunted by these memories, Kara joins Hotdog on patrol. Over a planet swathed in clouds and radiation, she spots a Cylon Heavy Raider. The fleet mobilizes to back her up, but the Raider doesn't appear on dradis and Hotdog never sees it. Undaunted, Kara pursues it toward the planet, straight down into a dangerous swirling storm — which looks exactly like the mandala. Kara gives up the chase and turns back only seconds before her ship breaks up in the dense, turbulent atmosphere.

Later, although some of Kara's fellow pilots doubt that the Cylon ship existed at all, Lee Adama puts his faith in her and refuses to ground her for the incident. Kara struggles to pull herself together, but her hallucinations of her childhood and the mysterious mandala grow worse. Finally, she tells Lee that she doesn't trust herself to fly. Lee insists that she's capable and promises to fly as her backup until she regains her confidence.

On patrol with Lee, Kara again sees the Cylon Raider and again dives toward the mandala-shaped maelstrom. Lee follows, desperate to stop her, but Kara plunges straight into the turbulent heart of the storm.

As the crushing atmospheric pressure begins to rip apart her ship, Kara passes out. She returns as if in a dream to her old apartment, where Leoben greets her and leads her into a vision of her past.

Six years ago, on the day that Kara became a Fleet officer, she learned that her mother had terminal cancer. When Socrata answered her daughter's sympathy with harsh cruelty, Kara fled from her, never to return.

Kara believes that her true reason for running away then was her fear of facing death. Now, with her body trapped in a doomed Viper and her mind lost in visions, she must overcome that fear if she is to be whole.

written by

directed by

guest star
DOROTHY LYMAN as Socrata Thrace

News, Spoilers & Episode Rumors:
Current rumors indicate that this will be Kara's (Katee Sackhoff) last episode, at this time it remains unclear if she will be back for Season 4.

Katee Sackhoff, at a SF convention in Indianapolis in November 2006 (Starbase Indy) , noted that episode 16, "Maelstrom," is her favorite episode of the series, but curiously noted that her production schedule with the show has wrapped up for the season with this episode.


In an interview with Katie Sackhoff has stated that this will be the last episode of this season that she appears in and that she has had to sign a confidentiality agreement relating to what happens to her character Kara Thrace.

[color="#993399"]Episode Images:

Maelstrom - Screen shots
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