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Things Get Ugly In 'Battlestar' Season 4 SPOILERS: In-fighting will change the face of the enemy

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Posted 11 July 2007 - 01:32 AM

Things Get Ugly In 'Battlestar' Season 4
SPOILERS: In-fighting will change the face of the enemy

Source: SyFy Portal

The following story contains possible MAJOR SPOILERS for the fourth season of "Battlestar Galactica."
Those Centurions have been nothing more than walking/shooting toasters, but apparently it's not because the Cylons were too dumb to make them as smart (and beautiful) as their humanoid counterparts.

Last week, Media Blvd. shared some tidbits about the upcoming fourth season of "Battlestar Galactica" talking about how the Centurions never evolved much because the human Cylons built in inhibitors that prevented higher brain function.

Once that inhibitor is removed, the Centurions apparently open fire on the Cylon base ship, parts of which were seen by those attending the SciFi Channel Digital Press Tour last month in Vancouver, B.C., soon after parts of the scenes were shot.

But who were the Cylons targeting? SyFy Portal dug a little deeper, and a source tells us that the Centurions weren't firing out of anger ... it was actually a calculated political move.

"Word about the existence of the Final Five starts spreading throughout the Cylon fleet," the source told SyFy Portal. "Since they may be hiding among the Colonials, the Centurions -- who are now able to think for themselves -- decide they can no longer fire on the fleet at risk of putting the Final Five in trouble."

Four of the Final Five were revealed in the third season finale, and it's unclear what kind of resurrection abilities -- if any -- these final Cylons have. But keeping a military force is important, and one of the Cylon human models removes part of the Centurion Raiders' brain function to remove that independent thinking to make them attack anyway.

What results is the equivalent of a Cylon civil war, or in this case, a skirmish as the battle doesn't last long enough to be a civil war.

"We're going to lose some Cylons in this battle," the source said. "And I don't mean the toasters. We're actually going to lose some of our humanoid Cylons ... as in lose permanently."

The humanoid models are split on if they should continue attacking with the Final Five in the fleet, and when a vote doesn't go the way one Cylon wants it to, the order is given to completely annihilate three models. Attacking all of them at once, and eliminating their ability to resurrect.

There are unconfirmed reports that this episode also will feature the return of Lucy Lawless to the program, as there is some chatter that the actress has signed up for a similar contract she did in her limited run in Season 3. Also, another source reports that a new "named" Cylon will be introduced early in the fourth season, presenting yet another character for Tricia Helfer to play.

When reporters visited the set last month, the multi-purpose set was designed as a dinner area with pristine white chairs, and some extravagant crystal table settings. The room -- which has doubled as Baltar's holding cell as well as where the hybrid pilots are kept -- was riddled with bullet holes that pierced through pillars, and a wall behind where the reporters were walking through. Debris was strewn everywhere, and "Battlestar Galactica" set crew made sure nothing on the set was disturbed, as it was still a hot set.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed by SciFi Channel or showrunners, so please treat this as you would any other rumor.

"Battlestar Galactica" returns in November with the telemovie "Razor," before making its fourth and final season premiere in 2008.
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