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419 - Someone to Watch Over Me

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Posted 26 March 2007 - 12:56 PM

Episode 419 - Someone to Watch Over Me

Unable to move on after the events on Earth, Kara Thrace is still plagued by nightmares. She finds solace in Joe's Bar where a nameless piano player plays music strangely attuned to her pain. Galen Tyrol informs Admiral Adama, President Roslin, and Lee Adama that Galactica's hull will not withstand many more FTL jumps. Lee confirms the election of Sonja, a Six,to a position on the Quorum. Sonja accepts with a caveat: as a member of the Quorum she will use her newfound political power to request that Boomer be turned over to the Cylons and punished for her role in the Cylon civil war.

Meanwhile, sporadic power outages caused by Galactica's hull repair plague the crew. Galen Tyrol works closely with a Cylon Eight whose presence reminds him that Boomer, who is still languishing in a prison cell ever since she brought Ellen Tigh to Galactica. When he visits her in the brig, both of them confess they still have feelings for each other. In a moment of intimacy, they place their hands on either side of the glass partition separating them. Galen is shocked to find himself suddenly transported via Cylon projection to his and Sharon's "dream house." Sharon has built this retreat as a way of dealing with their separation. Overwhelmed by conflicting emotions, Galen withdraws his hand and flees the brig.

Helo returns Starbuck's auctioned property to her including a cassette tape of a piano concert given by her father. Hera gives Kara a gift: a drawing of what seems to be meaningless dots.

Kara pays a reluctant compliment to the strange piano player at Joe's Bar and begins a conversation about music with him. Nearby, Galen urges Tory, Ellen and Saul to intercede on Boomer's behalf. They refuse. Galen returns to the brig and "projects" again with Sharon. They return to their dream house where Galen sees a height chart on the wall. He races upstairs to find his seven-year old daughter drawing.

Kara and the piano player grow closer as she helps him with the piano piece he's composing. She gradually opens up about her father and her piano lessons with him, revealing that her father taught her one song that made her "feel happy and sad at the same time."

Galen begs Roslin not to sign the extradition order that would give then Cylons custody of Sharon. She refuses, telling him that Sharon has used her charm to trick everyone, including him. Galen leaves desperate, ready to take matters into his own hands. He engineers a blackout and knocks the Eight from his repair crew unconscious. It's clear he intends to replace Boomer with her so no one thinks she's escaped the brig.

At Joe's, Kara finds herself lashing out at the piano player after he confesses that he chose his music over his wife. Reminding her of her father's abandonment of his family, she pulls away. The piano player attempts to soothe her by asking her to play the song her father taught her. He places her fingers on the piano keys. For a moment, Kara is transported back to her childhood. Scared and elated, Kara begins to play.

Having escaped the brig, Boomer brutally attacks Athena in the washroom. Before she can make her escape, Helo enters and tries to bid the woman he thinks is his wife a romantic farewell. Desperate to keep up appearances, Boomer makes love to Helo while a bloodied and gagged Athena watches helplessly from inside a bathroom stall.

As Kara plays the song her father taught her, the piano player writes down the musical notes. Kara has a sudden revelation. She takes out Hera's drawing and matches the "dots" perfectly with the notes he's written on the sheet. A powerful duet begins, and as it unfolds, two listeners — Tory and Saul — realize that it is the same song that activated them as Cylons.

Masquerading as Athena, Boomer steals Hera from day care and heads to a fueled Raptor where Galen is waiting. As she climbs aboard, Galen helps her load a heavy case onto the ship. Boomer pleads with Galen to come with her. He tells her no, his duty overcoming his desire to join her. The two share a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, Athena bursts into Helo's flight briefing, collapsing into his arms. Immediately realizing what has happened, Helo orders Galactica locked down.

In the CIC, Admiral Adama orders Boomer to abort her take off, threatening to shoot her down. Boomer coolly informs him that Hera is on the Raptor with her. Adama decides to do the next best thing. He orders the flight pods closed. Boomer launches and barely clears the doors. As her wounded Raptor tumbles through space, she jumps — far too close to Galactica — setting off a massive shockwave that punches a hole in ship. With Boomer on her way to the Cylon fleet, Galen reels in the face of what he has done. Roslin's warning has come true. In her quarters, Kara listens to her father's music for the first time in years, while Galen searches fruitlessly for Sharon and his daughter in the "projected" house.

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Posted 28 October 2008 - 09:51 PM


My secret is out... im a Cylon! ... but one of the good ones!

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