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"Shin Godzilla"; powerful new Godzilla movie for a new Japan....

This entry is about the latest Japanese Godzilla movie, "Shin Gojira (aka Godzilla Resurgence)" (2016)

********* MAJOR SPOILERS!!! *********

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Just saw this last night at the movies and wow... after 12 years, Toho studios revives the Godzilla brand with a vengeance.
This is (at least to my recollection) the most...

Anti-hero, Saviour, and King of Monsters: Godzilla!

This movie packs in every cool element from every single Godzilla movie ever made and they finally did it! They produced a Godzilla movie that will stand the test of time. It is so good that I will see it again and again and again. I was very impressed by the strong sense of both Japanese influence and American influence that both balance out...

50 Years of Dr Who

I'm going to bundle all of this together as its all a celebration of 50 years of Dr Who.

Day of the Doctor...


Well, after a long, long time...After tons of prayer and meditation...they got my meds right and I AM BACK...back in my own life, back among the living...

my head was rubbish for so long that i've run out of apologies. There were so many ppl here that REALLY mattered to me and I let me ruin that for myself. Lost all my buds. Huge regrets...

Back to school

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So yeah pretty soon I will have to return to my University to complete the second and last year of my masters program.
And the truth is, I'm looking forward to go back to work. Not that I have actually ever been not working....
This year I will have to do my research internship, I will do mine at a lab that is connected to the University of...

How I Almost Had Fatal Heart Attack...But Didn't

How I Almost Had Fatal Heart Attack...But Didn't

My story starts on the week of August 1st. We were working an incoming shipment of files from a Regional Office from Winston-Salem. It's nothing new to me but it's pretty physical work throwing boxes on a table, pushing a cart loaded with boxes, cutting and flipping boxes open, and...


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Hey! I just thought I'd blog for a second........ there.

The impact of BSG

I've been thinking about the impact certain shows have on folks. BSG is no exception, and I'm referring to the new one, not the original. Though I'm sure the original made some sort of impact as well in its time, the new one I found deeply fascinating. It was intelligent, above all. It made me want to see it on a regular basis because...

The Inner Fire..

The inner fire, the drive that compels us to be more than just walking skin and bones, is it tangible? quantifiable? In this place we may never know, but as our own beliefs guide us each of us, that drive will surly be judged. So here I sit writing down my whims of fancy in this blog. I am happy that Tom set this up but his comments on this...


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A few days ago, I said I was going to wait for the DVD version of it to come out. Despite waiting for its release since it was announced back in 2004. Casting was going to be different but all things change. Now I remember being somewhat of a hypocrite by telling all the Trekkers to give the new cast a chance and see what happens, meanwhile I was...

The Suspense is making me CRANKY

Sadly, my DVD was busted. So no rewatch for me. Yet/

Tonight's Mood::thumbsdown: Tonight's Question: Miniseries or Razor?

Waiting for the verdict on my novel Ride the Tiger is soul-tearing. Not only because it is my first go round with this sort of thing, but because I put so much of my soul into it. As my Mom said on reading it,...
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