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53 years old
March 24, 1964
Male Male
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Hockey, Boxing, car racing, swimming, and huge movie fanatic

I've been a collector sinse i was 5 Comics, at 13 saw star Wars which chaNGED MY LIFE, collected everything and the 501st Squadron consider me the Canadian Sansweet, The big con of the year in Toronto is Fan Expo in August, i am a speaker on a panel for collecting all things star Wars for last 3 years, i was 14 when original Galactrica came out and started collecting on it, the original name w3as Starship Galactica, ralph McQuarrie did the art & designs with Joe Johnson which u can see in Mediascene 29 Jan/Feb 1978, opened own comic-book store in 1987, Ken's Comics & Collectables, closed in 1992 due to recession, currently own over 30,000 comics & the like

with new BSG series i freaked & started collecting that as well, when propworx had the auctions purchased Kat's Viper Flightsuit, Cavil's Hero outfit he wore for 2 seasons, the one with the fedora as well as his suicide shirt screen worn in Daybreak and a Oracle of Brenn costume, Baltar's blood slides and testtubes, cylon mine, marine binoculars, Laundry bag, 2 sets of rations, Viper ammo, Pegasus books and the like, spent way over 12,000 us and still going, absolutely frakkin devoted

So Say We All


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Oct 14 2009 04:37 PM

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    sean Icon

    24 Mar 2010 - 20:43
    Happy Birthday Ken
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    Alastor Reganon Icon

    24 Mar 2010 - 05:55
    Happy Birthday! Cake is served on the Zephyr!
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    Zipper Icon

    24 Mar 2010 - 01:00
    Happy Birthday!
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    Alastor Reganon Icon

    06 Oct 2009 - 13:39
    Welcome aboard! Feel free to post in the welcome sections so that we can all welcome you aboard, officially ;-)
  5. Photo

    Zipper Icon

    06 Oct 2009 - 13:22
    Welcome to Galacticabbs!
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    ensign edwards Icon

    06 Oct 2009 - 09:12
    Welcome to GalacticaBBS!
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