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BSG: Six #1 Review

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Posted 22 May 2014 - 06:36 PM

Dynamite's Official Description:


Don’t miss this exciting chapter in Battlestar Galactica lore as the early origins of Number Six are explored. In developing the next generation of Cylons, getting the models to look human was the easy part. But acting human is another story. Witness the evolution of Number Six as she learns live, to love, and to hate.

I had the chance to read this issue last week and it was an entertaining read. We are getting an origin story for one of the more interesting characters in RDM's BSG with Six. J.T. Krul's writing in this issue was pretty decent, introducing two versions of Six in two vastly different settings prior to the Cylon War, dealing with her integration into human society. Krul manages to write a story that has an aura of mystery to it that feels a lot like the show used to. I really enjoyed the art of this issue. Igor Kima (Illustrations) & Alex Guimarães (Colors) do a fantastic job with the realistic look of the story. Jenny Frison's cover has to be one of my favorite covers of a comic book ever:

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Story breakdown in the spoiler section:

RATING: 7/10
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