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Kmpr´rak: Voices of the Colonies another book project from me!!

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Posted 10 April 2010 - 11:37 AM

This another different book project from me:
"Voices of the Colonies", planned as a multi-volume work and starting with
"After the Fall".

Plot: people from all over the colonies tell their story, their thinking, their day, whatever!
I have started another thread about where you can see some pics.

And here my first story ..............

Tertiam 1st, 20:42. 5 days after the fall.
Karen Stephner, Nurse.
Seaside Plains Hospital, Aquaria.

“It was like a cruel storm over us. A day we thought it will never come. And a time we hoped never would fall over our people.

After the last days I am shocked and sad, even more than tired or down! Yeah, I am a nurse in a hospital, and sure, I often had to see the wildest things - but all this was nothing. Really nothing!

When I woke up five days ago, the sun lighted up my sleeping room. A nice day, warmer than some of the last summer. And here on Aquaria, the last summers were really hot! Even warmer than on Caprica. When I think about that, it makes me smile a little. The days before were long, car accidents, hovercraft explosions, well, the normal average things always happened. And we had to put them together again, the poor devils!

I was tired, but if I had known what would happen later the day, the last day of mankind, I had tried everything to get from this frakking world. Believe me, believe everything I say. If it was a kind of an omen? Or was it destiny? A god’s handshake? Hm, the day was silent and calm, I think we only had six new entrances in the emergency room. Last month we had more than 30 every day!

My short tea time break was nearly over, I think it
was a quarter past six when I heard a sound I’ve never had heard before! Distant, but loud, a disgusting noise. Foreign. Undefined. Unknown.
Before I got a new emotion or if I could think
about - well, I don’t know, it is difficult to describe it - the light before my eyes flashed and I was thrown against a massive glass wall right behind me. Ten meters.

After a while, I cannot say anything about minutes or so, okay, after a while I woke up because someone screamed out my name! My dad was not the best, hm, he often screamed, also my name, but this screaming next to me was louder than anything I remembered.

It was my best friend, Angela, also a nurse here at Seaside Plains. My eyes were heavy, but after some more undefined seconds I could open them. Oh my dear Angela, dirty in her face, blood out of her nose, but even during this moment she had the face of an angel. Her parents were right to give her the name she had.

I stood up and tried to see what has happened. My back was full of pain, and Angela helped me while we were going to the large windows right in front of us. No glass was there anymore, while the floor was covered with shattered pieces, crunching under our feet. What we saw was the end of all, I don’t know what you’ve seen when you came here, but Angela started to cry, and I - well, there was nothing in me while we looked out there, I could not cry, or laugh or whatever. I only stood there, looked out and wondered where the borough was where our hospital was located.

Aquaria is a calm world, or it was, nothing of it is there anymore like we knew it. But this silence was disgusting and hopeless like nothing before. That it was the end of mankind, nobody knew at this time.

Doctor Chalman, a former colleague from Draven Hospital, came down the floor, shocked and aged in his face. His clothes were torn, and he also had some blood in his face. I can’t say if I had blood in my face, I don’t remember. Crazy, but I can’t.
Angela and I could say nothing. Doctor Chalman only took us in his arms, being happy to see us alive!

The silence out of the hospital did not stop, and against it we began to play the tape we had learned on the Medical School. We began to care for our patients, for the hurt people we found on the floor and who came to us. And believe me, now the emergency rooms were overfilled. You cannot believe how many came, although outside there was only dust and nothing like we knew it.

I think it was around nine o’clock in the evening when a small troop of soldiers came in. We had worked since we, hm, well, since we woke up after the unknown incident that crashed in our world. The soldiers then brought light into the dark.

Mister Vencher, an old man suffering under permanent heart and liver problems, also a fleet veteran having served on different Battlestars, already had talked to his bed neighbors about what he thought has happened. Okay, they had no beds anymore, but they lied on their mattresses on the floor. No one thought Mister Vencher could be right
or the rumors he spoke out were the truth.

But they were. Sergeant Sammer or Samner, I did not his name because we only heard it in the last row, this sergeant confirmed the things an old
man believed in: the Cylons were back and had
attacked the Twelve Colonies.

You remember what I have said about this day? Well, the silent time was over, and a bitter truth came to the light. We were at war, and the military was not able to protect us. That was the end, the beginning of Hades, our final day.

On this evening the Chief Med, Doctor Alkors, talked to the assembled personnel, I think only four or five of us were not there, we found them later dead, crushed under a projecting roof, about what the future could bring for us. A lot of words, really marked by his own shock, but finally Alkors tried to convince all of us to stay - stay for our patients and stay for our duty.

Well, take a look around! We were 29, only on this station. And now? After Angela was gone we’re only 12, but we must care for six time more patients than before! Ah, Angela. I think I have not told why she is not here anymore. This is another thing where I am wondering I cannot cry!

Two days ago the first MedRap was able to land on the last intact roof here. And this time there were not only new patients, there were also three doc’s from the military hospital at Glamer Bank. Angela and I were with the group transporting a young severely injured girl to our station. The only companion the young lady had was her teddy bear,
dirty looking like we all do. I can’t say when or where Catrina, that’s her name, lost this bear.

What I know sure is Angela was the first who saw the empty place next to Catrina. And you know how she is, was, excuse me, you don’t even knew here, well, Angela was like I said, an angel and absolutely right in her job. If Catrina would woke up and see her teddy wouldn’t be there, oh no, that cannot be! That must be in Angela’s mind.

The last words I said to here were that she should not forget to bring something with her for our breakfast, although it was after noon! You know there were some food automats in the small cafeteria right under the roof, and we ate that food because it was still good food. Okay, doesn’t matter. I saw her ran around the corner to the Yankard Complex - not knowing I would never see her again.

Chief Nurse Spader later told me that it was obviously because the Medical Raptor tried to fly away at its fastest speed. Perhaps believing Cylons could attack. Rumors say they landed ground troops and annihilate settlement after settlement.
Hm, Nurse Spader believes that this was the reason the roof crashed down! Over Angela. Over the frakking automats and this luffing sour donuts!
I lost my best friend two days ago, and we were not even able to salvage her body. Nothing from her, not even a part of her clothes. And also not Catrina’s teddy! We are only 12 left here, did I told you this?

Currently Catrina, this young girl, is still alive, but there is no hope for her to recover completely. It is also possible that she will not survive the following night! With teddy or not. The injuries on her head are so severe, her arms are broken multiple times, and if her legs ever will be able to carry her again is not sure. I pray to the gods for her, for us all, but since Angela’s dead, I do not believe like I did before.

My break is nearly over, excuse me. A job has to be done, if there are Cylons or not. Frak, I even don’t know what a toaster looks like today! Yes, I had it in school, but history isn’t mine! I hated it! Hm, I hope it will never come the day a Cylon will step into the ER. Okay, then it is over because these things have no mercy for us! But if this day would come, I don’t know if I would step aside and let ‘em kill my patients.

Too pathetic, hm? Well, I am not sure how it will go on. I have lost my best friend, my life like I knew it and I have lost all what I have possessed. Except my heart blood and my energy. Or is it only the work keeping me alive? Whatever it is, I hope it will not destroy me. And it will give me some time to grieve and cry for the dead.

So or so, even if we die or go down, even if these frakking chromes will kill us and stamp us into the dirty grounds, our worlds will survive. And even perhaps some lucky ones on a vessel between our worlds.

My break is over. I have to work. Time isn’t standing still.”


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Posted 10 April 2010 - 12:57 PM

Cool. Sorta like the Library of Congress' Voices of War where Vets recall their experiences.
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Posted 10 April 2010 - 12:59 PM

View PostColonialMarine, on 10 April 2010 - 12:57 PM, said:

Cool. Sorta like the Library of Congress' Voices of War where Vets recall their experiences.

I do not know about this, we never hear about here in Germany.

Thank your for your nice comment! :buttrock:

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Posted 10 April 2010 - 01:41 PM

View PostKmpr´rak, on 10 April 2010 - 12:59 PM, said:

I do not know about this, we never hear about here in Germany.

Thank your for your nice comment! Posted Image

Ja. Voices of War: Stories of Service from the Home Front and the Front Lines is an American Library of Congress project where Veterans and civilians relate their experiences from World War I up throught the present War on Terror.


Looking forward to your next entries.

p.s.- Meine Familie stammt aus Frankfurt am Main. Wo wohnen Sie?
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Posted 14 May 2010 - 12:53 PM

Ich wohne derzeit bei Chemnitz!

Thank you for your nice comment, already working on the second story! :nBSGsalute:

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Posted 15 May 2010 - 11:18 AM

My newest story.

Tertiam 3rd, 15:17. 7 days after the fall.
Sarios Elemson, Homeless.
Arkreed, Picon.

“You want to tell me it was hard to come to this place, man? Please. I can only laugh about, hm. Y’know what is hard? Life on Picon’s streets, hungry, thirsty, tired, wet. And now, when the underworld spits out this drama, it is not harder for me than before!

Well, not true.

If I am really honest, this is the mask I am hiding my pure fear behind since they came from above. Hey, believe me, I know how it is and how it feels to live without a roof over me or even without a piece of bread between my teeth. Sometimes I had one only every few days!

But this is the end.

The Cylons have ripped off our, dear, I will not speak out this here, but y’know what I mean. For sure. In the Cylon War I was already here on Picon, a fine Mister Quartz with a good suit and a head full of dreams and wishes. When they came, believe me, it was not as hopeless as it seems now.

This time it is more serious.

And Picon was occupied for over 800 days when they came then. 800 days, and I can remember only four times I have seen a toaster on our streets.
What d’you wanna know? How it was last week? Y’can ask me things, man! I don’t know if anyone cares, but now that you want to know this from me ...

Fear. Danger. Heat. Terror. Anger.

It was a cold night, of course, we have winter here on Picon, nobody cares, most of the other colonies have summer, yeah, I know that. Okay, it was cold, and I was searching for a secure place to sleep. Times are cruel and cold like our winters, and we homeless are the unlucky ones. Believe me, for us here in Arkreed not easy all the time to survive! What time it was - I have no idea, it was night, the time, hm, don’t know that.

There it was.

Out of nothing, out of the dark sky with the lights shining, bombs or whatever exploded, and night became day! A loud flash in the air above me, and then - nothing. No sound, no crying, no voice, even not a call of a bird was heard. It was a silence like I never experienced before in my life, and y’can see I am not the youngest anymore!

Nothing was like before.

During the occupation, y’know, in the Cylon War, there was no silence when they came. That is the difference. Man, they learn! When the toasters came, they were loud, and their eyes - eyes, do they have eyes, I don’t know - well, you could see their red whatever in their faces, and you became afraid. Times change, also for the toasters.
Faces, eyes ... frakking toasters, what is it you have there? Good question, no answer.

The difference was in the past war you could hear them, you could try to run, try to hide, try to commit suicide, hell, I have nothing more. But this time, y’hear nothing, the only thing we heard were the singing bombs. Nothing more.

After a while, I know you want to know how long and when, but sorry, I have no answer again on this. Okay. After another while, I was back among the living, back among the survivors! Shocked, afraid. And still no sounds around. But my ears also are not the youngest anymore, hm.

Picon was down.

The few ones, me and other lucky ones around me with still a little life in us, did not know that this was the beginning - another beginning of another war. Hey, during the last week I have even met officials, and everyone who spoke to me, and there were only some, told me it would be no war, but it is! Yes, it is war. It is over for us!

Later we all, official or not, heard it was actually a war, but it was over, mankind had surrendered! They had beaten us within a few hours.

The first bombs of the first attack were the heaviest ones - they smashed the Colonial Fleet Headquarters. Poor little soldiers, so many guards and weapons, and then, boooom - dead! Life is too short, and maybe some of them never had one.

Unlucky ones, but are they not on the lucky side, now after this ongoing tragedy?

Four years ago, I will tell you, I only sat down on the other side of the street, y’know, where the
headquarters was. This street has six lanes, more than 25 meters, and this was not enough! Guards came and pleased - they PLEASED - me to stand up and to go away. What a freaky world, they pleased me! That is Picon, live and direct.

Boys, I am alive, you not!

Excuse me, it’s a sarcastic world, a bitter truth in the throat of life. I walked down the Prager Lane, direction to the Queery Square, y’know, where the Blue Line crosses the Red and Yellow Lines. Dirty, well, more than before, bloody hair from an unknown wound, y’can still see it here, okay, this was my appearance after the bombing. A look like a proud warrior, but truly, I was all but a proud warrior.

I had tears in my eyes.

Since I lived on the streets, I hated Picon. I hated its people, its government, even its cubits - but now, I was only sad that this hated Picon was not the one like before. It was not the world anymore I could hate! And that was the thing that made me sad.

Right between the burning and sometimes half-crushed buildings and among the crying wounded people, let me reflect, yeah, near the old Horace Financial Tower, corner Blake Lane, there was the second alert, and the battered tower sent out a warm light from the fires burning within. It was
hot and the air absolutely dry, but all I noticed was this alert.

And the cruel game started again.

Don’t know where you were when they started to bomb us again. Y’were even here in Arkreed? Yeah? Okay, then you know what I am talking about! Again there was this sonorous sound in the air, and the people started to run again. In every direction, everywhere my eyes could see anything, the people ran for their lives! Away from the burning tower behind me, away from this sound, away from ... away from their fears perhaps?!

Fear is a wild animal when it hunts among the people, man.

And these frakking toasters let it out of its cage. I will tell you this one thing: fear will kill more people these days than these chrome heads! And this is my pure opinion, although some may say I am crazy!

The second attack destroyed and killed one more time, and my only luck was this basement only some meters away. Seconds, and only the blink of an eye later when I just jumped through the open window - bang, and another flash blinded my eyes and made ways open for the pains wandering into my head! It was not over with this one hit, but the toasters concentrated on the industrial boroughs, Hakersville and Braimefield, I think.

I was tired, and my eyes closed without any form of will against it by me. Night was nearly over, but I even not registered the people outside my small cave. I did not hear any more cries or voices, I was down.

Rain, dirty rain, dropping through the small window that had saved my life, rain woke me up. It was day, but what a day.


Yeah, on normal days the streets were full of people, talking, screaming, walking, whatever. But not this day. The first day after was absolutely silent, only some birds could be heard, and fires still burned within ruins. I climbed through the window on the dirty street, no idea what to do know.

And then they came.

No, not the Cylons. Colonial Marines or guys from the army. They wore uniforms, so they were someone from the military. No, not from the PSP. Police was not seen the whole time.

They came with trucks and collected the survivors from the street like berries from a field. Rusty humor, I know. When I saw them, I looked to them like a monk not believing in the gods anymore, and I think they looked back at me the same way! A young lady helped me onto the truck where people full of dust and dirt already sat, with wet and shattered faces. But I think I was as dirty as they were, and if you may laugh now or not, for the first time since yahrens I felt like a man under other men, like a normal individual under other normal individuals - remember, we were all dirty and dusty, but this time I did not stood out!

Hours it took until they finally brought us to this camp here and gave us something to eat.

And they gave us news about the whole situation. Yesterday evening we heard that toasters landed on Caprica, Virgon and Tauron, Picon still is orbited by Cylon vessels.

Will they come?

No one can answer this question, we, the survivors, are content with what we have now. Food and an asylum. When I see my situation in this whole context, I should be the luckiest man on Picon - but with the chrome heads above, well, it is a bitter taste.

I think will go through the camp later, see if I will meet anyone I know. I can see it in your face, you also think about the old saying: in peace you will never meet anyone you know, only war brings all together again! And so I will try.

Y’will come with me? I think my back hurts, I have to walk a little bit, y’know, I am not the youngest anymore.”


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Posted 20 May 2010 - 12:56 PM

And after no comment --- the last finished one so far.

Tertiam 15th, 21:22. 19 days after the fall.
Adron Baner, Crew Sergeant.
Battlestar Corona, orbit above Artemis.

“Service number 528A9E.
Baner, Adron.
Crew Sergeant, Colonial Marines.

I am part of the Marine Detachment on the Corona, a Colonial Support Carrier. When we went on this patrol duty three months ago, nobody even anticipated what could happen. But it did! Nothing is the same in our world, if we may still call it like this.

Five yahrens ago I started as a common Marine. Education was on Picon, Dallon Fields, home of the Colonial Marines! Frak, shooting was fun, the rest pure dirt to eat. Four months, quatrons of learning how to survive against all odds.

But I made it.

Cool when I was first promoted. Lucky moment. Absolutely nothing against what is now. Curious, bad things always weigh out the good ones. Always, I have experienced that. And not for the first time.

We were on the Red Line, there where it borders the Cylon space. The Cylons! No one has seen one for over forty yahrens. Huh, the books in school showed some, not very fearful for my taste!

It was a normal patrol duty. The fleet junks did their things, we did ours. Normal duty as you see.

Now we will all have to do the things together if we want to survive hell. The Cylon hell!

Time went by, three months is not along time, except for the time they make a Marine out of a silent boy from Gemenon. I was this boy!
And then something absolutely was wrong. Henricks, my old fellow, heard it as the first of our group when he talked in his unique typical form to a fleet junk! A shuttle was overdue, not only for minutes, it was too late for hours! No sorrows? Believe me, when you cannot make contact over wireless AND someone or something is too late, frak, there is something wrong. Definitely, I know that, old Marine knowledge.

And hell, it was. Now we all, the homeless survivors, mhm, now we know who has knocked out mankind on its own soils: these chrome blinking frakking toasters. Yeah, now we have fear, we’re afraid of ‘em, because now they are not only pictures in a school book! They’re real!

They are frakking real and they have kicked our ... you know what I mean.

But luck is still on our side, a little bit. It is still there for us, Commander Divers is our CO, and I think he is not bad - he is one of the best, I have heard. Henricks told me, and if he says something, it is absolutely true. Nothing on this. And until know, Divers did not disappoint us in any way. Few days ago it was near to the end, death already presented us one of his grime smiles, but the situation was perfectly managed by the CO and
the fleet junks. We jumped back into our solar system, well, what was still there from.

Debris, bodies, scattered parts of vessels, sometimes only small metal splinters. No way, the Cylons have torn us apart, and nobody knows how they could kill our fleet and our forces so fast.
We were near Picon, when the alert brought us back into reality. Two Cylon baseships started to fire there whole hanks out of their bulks! Man, loud and massive hits, but Divers managed to jump away in the last minute! And now we’re here, over Artemis, and the Cylons are in orbit of Caprica. I was never here before.

We wait.

Until now the Cylons have not detected us, but this may change instantly. We have scanned the system as far as we can without frighten up the toasters. No movements of own forces, no own signals, even not one distress call. Nothing. But, who wonders, the Cylons are very active. Squadrons of raiders, baseships, transporters, and a large vessel is there, don’t know for which purpose. And nothing more than Artemis’ magnetic pole between us and this armada. Luck for us the toasters obviously avoid different space areas!

Henricks came today morning with a big smile on his face. Ragnar would be our next jump goal, he said, reloading our armament bunkers and kick some Cylon binks! Hope, we can do it like it sounds in this simple plan. Would be good for the whole crew.
If not, the gods may help us, if we have to die by cold metal hands. But I think we may do it, we can reach Ragnar and we can still kick asses!

Lieutenant Nydonh, our commanding officer, has ordered a meeting of all Marines aboard for tomorrow 1400. Nydonh is from Sagittaron, they commonly have hard lives, but I think this situation is also absolutely new for her. I am very curious if also the CO will have some words for us. I already have asked Henricks, but even he did not have any answer for me this time.

These are crazy days.

Absolutely. Time seems to mean nothing, surviving is the main game. And sorrows are climbing up to a new level. About? Well, parents, family, comrades. All who are not aboard this vessel.

Maybe, some have survived the attacks we could recognize. But billions are dead. Gone forever, but perhaps not forgotten.

Sure, I am a Marine, and death is a part of my job. It was like this on Aerilon, it was so on Troy, it was part of my life everywhere we were thanks to Adar. And now he is also part of the ashes laying on the grounds of the colonies. He has not survived. The only ones my mind is spinning around are my family members. Obscure, dad survived a Cylon attack when he was 14, and now this frak? By all the gods we pray to, this can’t be true. Reality seems like a boomerang, hitting you out of your dreams you thought it would be true.

Next thing is: what will come after Ragnar? Always seen from the perspective that we’ll survive this adventure raid! We can’t go home anymore, and even I as a Gemenese have only splinters of true believe in me. Surviving, die, what could be a right decision to save us or - to send us into hell, directly with no possibility to return?

Man, every day since this frak has happened is a nebulous dilemma. No clear idea in the head, only a rest of hope.

All what we have no already has happened. The old books say that. And until this I believed in it. And now, do I believe?

Hm, barren hopes, that’s all. As a soldier you always have to decide what is wrong and what is not - even without your sarge or L-T. On Aerilon we were authorized to fire on civilians. And some ofus did it, they fired and killed these poor frakkers. And then, nothing, no punishment, no order to resign, nothing!

The Cylons have slaughtered our people, and no one will punish them either. No one. Is this reality, is this fair, is this justice after all? If mankind could not live together in eternal and deep peace, don’t we deserve this destiny?

Questions burning in the head, and no answers at all. But Cylons, thousands outthere.

This time we can’t decide, WE can’t! This time we have to go a way someone has drawn for us. We have to go on this way, and maybe we will survive, but perhaps we will die. And nothing will be there that reminds us. What? The Cylons? Believe me, they are happy when they have beaten out all the cunno of us, that is the only thing when they think about us after we are all gone.

Theories, and my mind is thinking all the time about this. Would be interesting to know what others may think during this dark era. I already asked Henricks about his opinion about the whole frak, but as always, he smiled and said we would all survive it the one or another way.

Thank you. The answer I wanted to hear.

No, seriously, I know why he said this. His parents already died over ten yahrens ago when their car was part of a heavy accident on Leonis. Tragic, but he says it made him harder. Whatever he really means by saying these words. If he is a better soldier with this past?

Alright, time to start my shift. Watch. I hate watches at night on these carrier vessels. And that although the Corona is such small. Believe me, I have a will in me to survive, for all the ones who cannot go on their ways.

Death to the blinkerheads and toasters! And by all hopes, a secure future for us all. Sergeant Baner, end of report!”


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Posted 19 June 2010 - 11:46 AM

The next story! :)

Duplidicon 22nd, 18:11. Day of the fall.
Eva Memnik, Wheat Farmer.
Farming Prospect 142-C, Aerilon.

“What do you say? Attacks? On Aerilon? Do not talk trash, annor!

No time for this frak, there is still a lot of work here. You have two hands, c’mon, help me, only 4,000 plants left. The colonies want to eat, and we soilcrawlers have to care for it!

Wait. Bombs? Not again these toasters! True? Then we’re all dead. Believe me, not again we’ll take that like ’14! I know what I am talking about. You on Caprica were the lucky ones, hm, we were not.
Yes, bombs, we all had bombs, making craters in our fields, killing all what was there. Yes, bombs, in your cities also. But Caprica was the lucky one, the small colonies were nearly wiped out!

A break would be fine for you, I see.

Ten plants, and your hands look like mine after ten million ones. Who wants to eat who has to plant who has to harvest! But only Aerilons know what this means. Really means at all! And I do know now.
If it’s true that these frakking blinker noddies come again, I will tell you what you want to know! Better, hm, perhaps there is no more a new day, no tomorrow like we think it is the most normal thing. Crazy stupid idea.

Originally I am from Virgon, Nadley Valley, do a fine place, You’ll never guessed it, well, my Virgon accent has gone long time ago. Now I am speaking with Aerilon one. Great. Some would think it is not.

It was long before these toasters were invented. Built by these large companies printing money in their basements and hoping nobody will ever care about what they are doing really. I was a young girl on Virgon, a rebel my parents would say. Coming home when I wanted, go out when I wanted, always doing what I wanted. My parents never understood what I really thought - yeah, these were my days on Virgon, sometimes when it comes into my mind I have to laugh.

But then it was over. On one day, I was 19, I met him, and my life changed forever.


Blonde, tall, nice, smiling - and from Aerilon. Until then I never thought about the foreign colonies, Virgon was independent like the others were. But the day when I met this Aerilon man changed my life forever.

A Virgon rebel girl became an Aerilon country wife! Fine. But this whole thing was not as easy as I tell you this right now. And time went not by so fast! My parents were shocked, really and deeply shocked when I told THEM about Richard. ´Evi`, they said, and Evi was my nickname, ´why an Aerilon? You’re so beautiful, so damn beautiful, why?`
I think they did not understand that this was true love. The thing with Richard! My parents, Cedric and Pera Neigler, both from upper-class Virgon
families, married early. They had an arranged one, you know? The people today cannot believe there were times managed marriages were absolutely normal. My parents had an arranged marriage. When I found out with the age of 12, I swore to and for my own - NO! No Evi, if you’ll ever marry, then because you’re truly loving someone. No arrangements, only pure and deep love. Hm, girly dreams, but I never broke my oath!

And then Richard came. My Richard. From Aerilon.

One evening, I think it was two sectons before my 20th birthday, I invited Richard to my house, the house of my parents. I had told ’em I would bring a friend with me - a friend, yes, they never would have thought it would be my boy-friend, and I also did not tell them! Two hours, nice evening until then, well, two hours later I said goodbye to Richard with a short kiss. Then I went back. I was so excited, but I smiled and told my parents WHO Richard really was, was for me!

One or some words may change situations immediately, from one moment to another. Sunshine into rain, light into darkness.

Dad’s newspaper fell down, and mom had to sit down. Their Evi and an Aerilon? ´Evi`, my mom said this as I can remember, I think so, ´why an Aerilon?`
I said I’d love him with the wholeof my heart.

I think that was too much for one evening.

I cannot remember everything, I am too old now for it, but the following weeks were true horror for me. Richard and I met, yeah, but it was on secret
places and times. Six sectons! My birthday was a frosty day this yahren, but okay, if my parents could not accept the luck of their child, I could accept the poorest birthday of my life.

And then this black day came, when my father lost his job.

The company he had worked for ordered new workers from the employment agency, and bad luck another time for me, these workers came from Aerilon. Cheaper for my dad’s boss than the native Virgon ones. I’ll never forget what my dad said and how he defamed the Aerilons. It was terrible for me. Hey, I was not a rebel anymore, I was a young women loving an Aerilon man!

This night I made my decision.

Next day I was with Richard, right after school. And I went to this travel bureau with him, not seeing his asking eyes - well, I bought two tickets for Aerilon. When I told Richard why, his eyes were bright, and he was so happy. I was torn inside, yes, I loved Richard so much, but my parents - they did not know or see what I wanted for me, but they were my parents, I did not hate ‘em!

Seven hours later, I left Virgon with only some things I took with me from home. A little sheet with some notes from my was there on the kitchen table. I never thought my parents would understand me, but so they knew what I had done and were I would be.

I never was again on Virgon, and I never saw my
parents again. Richard was my family now.

My only family. He married me in 21301, shortly before the darkness, no, the “chrome”ness came over us.

The Cylons.

Aerilon is under attack, these are bad news you bring with. No better ones? ´Caprica suffers under poorness` or so? Sorry, you’re from Caprica, right?
If they make it like ’14 and the years before, they will bomb supply depots and the spaceports first. And then, they will throw out toxic things from their raiders, killing all our plants and animals. Frakking nodders!

21310 was a very bad yahren. Richard and I were full of deepest sorrows. The soil was contaminated, Cylon raiders nearly every day above, bombing the last out of us, bad news from other colonies about full occupation, dead and extinction! One half of Aerilon was occupied by the Cylons, why they did not the same with the other half, we still do not know. Later that yahren news were heard about an Aerilon Liberation Corps that should be drawn up.

It was the first time Richard and I had real trouble!

He wanted to become a member of the A.L.C., he wanted to kill every toaster he would see! Oh Richard, his mind changed so far during this time. He was a real country man, but after the Cylons had crashed down his life, he became so, well, he was not the same anymore. The situation collected all this hate inside him. Every word I said against the A.L.C. was wrong for him. He wanted it, to serve and to kill, man against metal toaster!
And then he went! Five letters, three sectons, dead forever!

He left me when he went to the corps, but he really left me by dying. They wanted to throw out a company of Cylons, it was a coal depot, I think. Richard was one of the first wave, and then - one of his comrades visited me later, after the victory. They never ever found any piece of him again! Sounds strange, but I believed for several yahrens he would come back again.

He never did, and he’ll never will.

Twelve happy yahrens, that was all we had. All I had with him. I never married again, no. I never loved again like I loved him.

My parents? Well, I think you want to know this. Hm, there is no more to tell. They were killed already when the Cylons bombed the large Virgon cities early in the war. I have some pics of the crater that was my home before, a nice piece of soil with a nice house and nice people! My city was bombed for three days, no break! Three days the Cylons bombed the city without any mercy.

Remembering hurts. Sometimes.

But now, If you’re right, with the toasters I mean, this is all what we have. Do you know how my first planting time was here? Hm, how should you! Without husband, it was hard. I had to work all day on the fields. Before, I was mainly at home, but now ...
It was not difficult to get the job Richard had within the complex here. One Memnik or another one, who cares. The time after the war was so poor of emotions. But as you see, I am still here.

Here were he was.

Do you think the Cylons know what it means to plant and to harvest? Are they really only killers, death bringers, warriors?

They are. Because they killed without mercy, without asking. Man, woman, child, animal, whatever.

Perhaps they are not. Who knows? I think nobody cares. Maybe there is something in them similar to a human heart. Hey, we’ve built these things, and children always have something from their parents.

Did you hear that? This noise? I think a storm front is coming. You’d like a tea? Come into my house, we can talk there if you like. Tomorrow is a new day, work will still be there.”

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