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420 - Islanded In A Stream Of Stars

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Posted 26 March 2007 - 12:55 PM

Episode 420 - Islanded In A Stream Of Stars

As Galactica continues to deteriorate, so does the morale of the crew — both human and Cylon alike. In the Admiral's Quarters, Saul, Ellen, Kara and Lee debate on whether or not they'll begin a search mission to find Hera, who's considered to be the key to both Human and Cylon survival.

Then, tragedy strikes when a hole in Galactica's hull kills 61 crewmembers — 26 of which were Cylons. One of the engineers informs the Admiral that Galactica has an estimate of five jumps left and a 90% chance of being ripped to sheds in the process. The Admiral is torn between abandoning the ship, and ensuring the safety of the fleet. Meanwhile Lee faces an enraged Quorum of 12 who have no regards for the Commander's dilemma, but instead insist that the demands of each of their respective ships be met.

As a dying wish, an Eight critically wounded during the tragedy in the hull, asks for Saul Tigh to come to her bedside. He does so reluctantly and she thanks him for the opportunity to finally meet her father. Confused by her last words, Saul is convinced that lunacy has taken over the ship. But later on in his quarters, Ellen assures him that he's had millions of children and to ensure their survival, Hera must be found, as she is the last link they may have to the future.

Still struggling to figure out her what her own future entails, Kara Thrace meets Baltar in the bathroom and questions whether or not he truly believes in angels. As a walking dead woman with vengeance in mind— she gives him the dog tags that she pulled off her dead body on Earth, and challenges him to find answers to the many questions that lie at hand about who she really is.

She then goes to visit Sam Anders who has been hooked into the main power grid of the ship as a last attempt to save his life. Yet unable to see him suffer any longer Kara orders the Eight who has been caring for him to go away, as she plans to shoot him to end both his and her own suffering. Yet with a startling jolt, he regains consciousness, grabs her arm, forcing her to drop the gun and begins speaking nonsensically about events that have past and those that will come. But the most eerie statement is his affirmation that Kara Thrace is the harbinger of death. When the others realize that Sam Anders being plugged into the main power grid was the cause of the ships' random power surges, temperature fluctuations, Saul Tigh orders him to be disconnected, for greater fear that Sam may inadvertently jump the ship in its fragile state.

While visiting Laura Roslin in sick bay, Bill Adama faces the reality of his own need to disconnect. Although it is the only home he's ever truly known, Roslin warns Adama that if he does not make the right decision and ensure the safety of those aboard Galactica, he might risk losing both her and the ship, the two great loves of his life.

Later on, as Adama heads to the funeral of the lost members who were killed in the hull accident, a heartbroken Helo begs Adama to allow him to take a raptor so that he can go searching for his daughter. But Adama informs him of the bleak news that they had already gone to search for her but to no avail. They found that Cavil had already moved the Colony taking both Boomer and Hera with him.

At the most inopportune of times, Baltar exclaims to the somber funeral crowd that hope is not completely gone. He holds up the dog tags given to him earlier by Kara and informs everyone that the DNA on the tags were in fact from her dead body. Thereby making Kara Thrace a walking angel, in his opinion. Yet his epiphany of walking deities was ill received— Kara slaps him and the Admiral threatens to have him thrown in the brig. Baltar faces the realization that the funeral was not only for the fallen members of the fleet, but also for the hope they once had in destinies.

Also saying goodbye to her own dreams, Boomer projects with Hera back to the home she thought she would share with Galen on Picon had the Cylon and Human war not taken place. She leads Hera up to the room she thought would be her daughters'. Completing her mission, she then takes Hera back to Cavil who relishes that they were able to deceive Ellen into thinking that Boomer helped her escape to Galactica out of genuine concern. Yet while Cavil is pleased, Boomer takes a last regretful look at Hera who cries out for her.

Aboard Galactica, Adama surveys the damaged ship and weeps for its past and its imminent future. He later tells a disapproving Saul Tigh that he has reached a decision to abandon the ship. Neither man wants to do it, but they regrettably accept the fact that the end is inevitable. Somberly, they toast to the Galactica— the best ship in the fleet.

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Posted 28 October 2008 - 09:50 PM

My secret is out... im a Cylon! ... but one of the good ones!

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