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GalacticaFan87 Icon I have been waiting for almost five months just to see if there are any NEW BSG Season 4.5 screencaps updated on the gallery and I am annoyed to find that the gallery has not been updated since April 22nd. I really hope that there is nothing going on that would interfere with maintaining the screencap gallery for people to see.

Oct 17 2013 12:46 PM

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dsgtdave Icon Oct 19 2013 12:54 PM
You should post in the questions & feedback section. I'm sure Zipper, Tom or EW will reply accordingly. Glad you are here!
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eliteone Icon Oct 20 2013 03:33 AM
@GalacticaFan87 Sorry you're annoyed. Sometimes real life gets in the way for people who run the forum and they don't get as much time as they'd like to have to spend on this site. Please be patient and remember that the site admins/owners do this as fans of the BSG franchise and spend their own time and money to make this site possible
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Nanouk Icon Oct 20 2013 07:21 AM
I dont get it, there are screenshots available for each episode? What more does one want? I can understand that the gallery hasn't been updated I mean once you've got the collection you're pretty much done right? If you're looking for a particular screenshot from a scene someone (like me) might make it for you if you ask nicely

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