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Music of BSG - Colonial Anthem

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Music of BSG - Colonial Anthem

Season - 2
Episode - Final Cut
Adapted and Arraigned by- Bear McCreary (Contains the "Theme for Battlestar Galactica" and "Exploration" by Stu Phillips and Glen A. Larson)
Run Time - 4:03

My first blog entry of The Music of BSG naturally had to be "Colonial Anthem" from the Season 2 original soundtrack. My love for both series' runs deep and to the core. Both series' are totally different and I love them for very different reasons but that is a blog for another time.
"Colonial Anthem" is featured at the end of the Season 2 episode Final Cut. This was the background music for the video D'anna Biers shot aboard the Galactica and in the fleet talking to various people as a morale boaster sponsored by Commander Adama.

When I first heard this I just about flew out of my chair in excitement. I grew up watching "Battlestar Galactica" when it was first on in 1978 and it was such an exciting thing for me to hear the opening music to the show. It was such a good memory for me as a kid growing up in the Midwest and thus sparked my love for the Sci-Fi genre. The "Theme from Battlestar Galactica" is featured on most Sci-Fi compilation soundtracks and has been used in a film as well. That film being the comedy "Airplane 2".

"Colonial Anthem" to me has a smaller sound to it. That meaning it lacks a big orchestra feeling to it like the original had. But it fits with what Richard Gibbs started with the "Miniseries" and Bear McCreary continued through Season 1 and Season 2. Bear McCreary also pulls out the stops with the use of the ethnic instruments with the Taiko drums and woodwinds used in the song. Bear McCreary actually went to Stu Phillips to get the original score which was gracious lent to him by Stu. Bear then played the final piece for Stu who was impressed enough to give an autograph.

The anthem was not a stranger to the new series as it was used briefly in the "Miniseries" during the Viper flyby. It continued to appear in "Razor" in the song "Husker in Combat" and also made an appearance in "Caprica" in the episode "Gravedancing".

Dance scene from "Caprica" episode "Gravedancing"

This song for my captured the spirit of the original but made it its own for the new series. It was a must have song for me from the Season 2 soundtrack and has been played so many times but I still have yet to get sick of it. I hope this gives everyone a chance to learn more about the song and listen to it if you've never heard it before. I am sure this blog section will evolve and grow as I get better with this in the coming posts. So stay tuned for more interesting music for the world of "Battlestar Galactica"

So Say We All!
Zipper aka Mark Zapfe

Galacticabbs Album Information: Click Here
Bear McCreary Website: Click Here
Stu Phillips Website: Click Here
La-La Land Records: Click Here Click Here

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obsolete toaster Icon

24 June 2011 - 04:37 PM
I have that! In fact, I have all the BSG soundtracks (TOS 25th anniversary CD, the mini, and all the seasons except for season 1).
I love the extended version of the anthem (only wish they'd had the lonely janitor's whistling, too!).

I remember Richard Hatch and Bear McCreary playing a recording of it at Comic Con, and in the auditorium (with BSG images playing on a big screen) and those bass-y drums, it was a true geekgasm moment!
Thanks for the happy flashback, Zipper! :cylonclap: :adama-pancarte001:
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