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Oh FRAK I made another one...

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Oh FRAK I made another one...

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I had so many ideas what I wanted to do for my BSG Collectables banner. But I settled on this one. It's basically just a bunch of BSG memorabilia all thrown together. It wasn't that hard to do and hope the reader will get the hint of what this section's all about.

I will be covering stuff from the full sized Cylon Centurion to t-shirts, models, toys, vintage items, books, comics, CD's, DVD's, etc. There is a vast array of stuff out there with the BSG tag that this section should keep me busy for some time.

I will include my opinions on the item, where you can buy them, how much, and maybe some stuff that you have never thought was available.

For now I have got a banner out of the way and am doing some research for my first post in the BSG Collectables.

So Say We All!
Zipper aka Mark Zapfe

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