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Politics are really pi$$ing me off...

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Politics are depressing me.
From a gridlocked, INSANE congress (whose only function seems to be c@ck-blocking the president and f**king over the American public) to a president who is bending over backwards to appease that same, insane congress who'd sooner see him impeached (or hanging from a tree) than anything else. And yes, I voted for him and I'm not ashamed; I am firmly convinced the other side at the time would've done NO better.... that's precisely (and sadly) my point!

Ugh... I had a much longer political rant but I deleted most of it; I don't want to spark or inspire any political wrath my way. Let me just say I'm very disappointed in both parties (and f**k the Tea Party; put your money where your mouths is, quit suckling off of the Republican party's teat and stop hijacking the normal political process; nut up or shut up! Form your own INDEPENDENT party, or f**k off already) as well as the ever-capitulating president who compromised the dreams away and gave us... more of the same. I really don't have faith that the US political system works anymore.

The wealthiest one percent have found the perfect method to brainwash the other 99% into thinking that THEIR best interests (corporate tax cuts, outsourcing and other sneaky bulls**t) are the "American" way; you call taxes 'socialist' (never mind that this country IS socialist, as the military, federal highways, post office and others will attest); just use the label because it's so close to 'communist' the ill-informed won't even NOTICE the switcheroo! They make average people believe that trickle-down economics will actually CREATE jobs (they've enjoyed tax cuts since 2004 and yet current job growth is non-existent, while big oil companies are making RECORD profits... something ain't right here, folks). They've persuaded a whole NEW generation (who don't remember the failure of "Reaganomics"; which included two major tax hikes, unprecedented government growth, and a then-record deficit) that taxing the richest ONE percent will not only cost jobs, but that it's unpatriotic! Wait a f**king minute... when the hell did paying taxes and doing one's fair share for one's country become UNPATRIOTIC??? What about increasing taxes on the wealthiest percent (those making over $250K) and giving that money to support our TROOPS overseas (who are fighting wars on several fronts; and IMO deserve as much money as the fat cat, big-business stuffed suits can cough up for them)? Is that an unpatriotic concept now?? I still scratch my head over this; the richest one percent (the same wall street geniuses, bankers and captains of industries who accepted federal bailouts... ooh, how socialist of them) have managed to convince the blue-collar, flag-waving public at large that THEY are the underdogs!! How the HELL did THAT happen?? What planet did I wake up on this morning?? :blink:

During WW2, we made sacrifices. Women went to work in factories. Sugar, metal and gasoline were all rationed for the war effort. After 9/11 (the greatest scale attack on US soil ever) what were people told to do? Shop... :doh:

But the most painful part is? I really do love this country (and always will); despite it's flaws, there is so much greatness here (as well as some truly amazing people, who've done incredible things, socially and politically). This is the country that gave the world jazz, rock and roll, the Civil Rights Act, TV, the internet, Star Trek, Harley Davidson motorcycles, Playboy magazine, Apple computers and the Bill of Rights. And it seems that this same country can't even agree to take care of it's sick, elderly, or it's veterans (my own sister works hard, owns a home, but can't afford health insurance... WTF is up with that??). :blink:
Breaks my heart sometimes... :(

Commentator Fareed Zakaria on had an interesting editorial recently, that suggested senate/congressional gridlock might be alleviated if the US adopted a parliament (both opposing bodies into ONE) and a prime minister (to preside over this body, as he/she should). Here's his insightful editorial here. At this point, with things the way they are? I think I'd be onboard with that. Our current model no longer seems to work; it's adversarial structure (more so now than ever) seem to negate progress and growth. The US government is broken like I've never seen it. I don't know that there is a quick fix (they usually don't work anyway). All I know is that the current status quo is NOT working; and it won't be fixed by more of the same. This truly does make me VERY sad....

Anyway, if anyone has any buckets of venom you want to throw in my face for all of this, just PM me, OK? :doh: I don't want to start a war; I just needed to vent.

THIS IS STRICTLY ONE OBSOLETE TOASTER'S OPINION: If you want to rip me a new one? Just PM me or post a reply below .... ;)

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ensign edwards Icon

05 September 2011 - 09:51 PM
I feel you, my chrome friend. I don't claim to be an expert, but as an outsider looking in, I blame your two party system. It's horribly limiting and myopic. It virtually guarantees that one or both will regularly be derailed by extremists (as has happened currently with the Republican party), and it creates an adversarial atmosphere. It becomes a battle of good and evil where one side is always right, and the other is always wrong, according to the first side. There's no impetus for cooperation. It goes nowhere.

If you had a multiple party system like Canada, things might run a little better. The extremists would filter off to their own parties. Those still sane enough to have something to contribute will have a voice in government, but won't be able to set the tone. The larger parties will need to seek their support on occasions, encouraging cooperation, but they won't be able to completely derail the political process for the satisfaction of their own agenda (hey there, Tea Party).

To be fair, Canada's political process hasn't been working so well of late, either, though. Actually, it works just fine--our prime minister just isn't part of it. He's made himself above all laws and government processes. But that's really just down to the stupidity of the Canadian people. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me on my a seemingly monthly basis for years on end while being repeatedly reelected with a greater amount of support each time, shame on Canada.

Of course, it's all moot anyway. You've painted yourselves into a corner as a country; there's no escaping this two party stranglehold. Sorry to say it, but it's true.

obsolete toaster Icon

27 September 2011 - 07:19 PM
I know. It sucks, but it's true... and you know if the US tried to adopt a Parliament, you'd have idiots screaming, "You can't do that HERE. That's socialism!"

Morons... :doh:

dsgtdave Icon

09 October 2011 - 05:40 PM
Ya I have wisdom. Vote this idiot out as soon as possible. Seriously. Lets spend some more!
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