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Real Steel

Hugh Jackman stars in this ambitious movie which plays out like a live action version of a classic 70’s game called Rock’em Sock’em. Filled with lots of eye candy for the kids and kids-at-heart, this movie delivers a lot of cool action. It also tries very hard to be the robotic version of Rocky. All I can say is that when the movie delivers it works very well and when it doesn’t it was an epic fail. I will elaborate…

The things that go wrong with this movie is quote unquote “family” element to the movie that would have played out like a great Disney movie had the writers been thinking about their audience and how mature some of the themes were for it to be a family movie. It is a shame because on this element it does not deliver. While Hugh Jackman remains very likeable no matter what he does, his character left me disappointed.

Then there is the build up which seems to take forever to get to the key Robot in this movie and the star, if you will, Atom. He is the pinnacle embodiment of Hope and Glory in the movie. Even Rocky would have been touched by the silent but likeable robot - “The People’s Champion.” I give full credit to the writers for being smart enough to write this robot like Rocky. He is quite, strong, packs a punch and is really likeable. I love the scene where he is shadow boxing with Hugh Jackman. The scene gave me goose bumps because it was so mesmerizing and touching to watch Hugh and Atom interacting with each other.

Atom has the unique ability to learn from what he sees, that is his special power. He is also blessed with the ability to take a hit and remains determined to win no matter how strong the opponent. Watching Atom climb his way to the top, fight after fight, was absolute gold and was on-screen magic.

The casting was great and the acting was pretty standard, nothing spectacular but was entrancing enough to keep me from looking at my watching every five minutes wondering when the movie would be over. I think the movie would have gotten a higher mark but due to vulgarity, mature themes that ruined the family element of the movie and the lack of pace of the movie in the beginning gives it a solid 6 out of 10. Recommend to wait and see this on DVD.

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obsolete toaster Icon

16 October 2011 - 05:46 PM
I also blogged on this one! I enjoyed it very much but I had to turn off my 'critical brain' and let my emotional brain drive for awhile... ;-P
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