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The Suspense is making me CRANKY

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Sadly, my DVD was busted. So no rewatch for me. Yet/

Tonight's Mood::thumbsdown: Tonight's Question: Miniseries or Razor?

Waiting for the verdict on my novel Ride the Tiger is soul-tearing. Not only because it is my first go round with this sort of thing, but because I put so much of my soul into it. As my Mom said on reading it, "You ARE Lee." She sure got that one right. (God, I wish, she was here now......) See, gender isn't all that much of a sticking point to me. Some plumbing changes and hormones (now readily available for those who have the cash) and voila. But, baby, you can't change souls. You can't touch them, taste them, or ever ever evade them.

See my soul on the page, judge past your prejudices, give me a shot Publishers...

That tears it. Feeling far too vulnerable. A good swift kick from the brusque Admiral Cain will help. RAZOR it is. Good nite, BSGers, wherever you are ...:nBSGsalute:

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Cylon-Knight Icon

23 May 2010 - 01:52 AM
Fingers crossed the Publishers green light you. :)

Zoe Icon

23 May 2010 - 02:27 AM
Oh...TY...I am shaking.....not good for 3:30 am
But you are SO helping, my friend!!
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