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:nBSGsalute: Well, kids, it's time for a re-watch!
As you who've followed my blog know, that means I'm facing challenging circumstances. BUT...this time, they are good circumstances!!!
Actually GREAT circumstances! It seems I have picked up a Literary agent and a publisher for my oldest Book, "Ride the Tiger"! :jawdrop:

I say seems, because I've only had seven or eight letters from them, and haven't inked a deal....yet. They are set to make a decision in a few days, but are already asking me what type of PR I am willing to do, (Am I willing to travel to Beijing to promote it? :drool:Uh...yeah!!! Did Bob Marley smoke??? Does a bear :censored:... You get it.)
They want to know how I feel about editing, cover images, etc... My friends say I'm in. I (having had a "low luck" Life) am uncharactaristically calm about the whole thing. (Editing? Love it? Do it in my sleep.) However, if it happens, my world WILL change. If it doens't, it WILL hurt, having gone this far.

So, again I turn to BSG for inspiration and comfort. I first discovered BSG when my world had collapsed in a very real sense; I'd just had to make the horrific realization that my only child was completely lost to me in a world of schizophrenia, drugs and crime. BSG showed wonderfully strong and quirky female characters dealing with the end of their civilization - and looking good doing it. I was hooked, inspired, saved from a life of electro-shock therapy and self-pity. (People have accused me of being overly sensitive and emotional and a bit of a rollercoaster since. Mea Culpa. It has been a hard road. I apologize for my persoanl failings. I am STILL learning how to deal with life after she nuked me. Apologies all around. :hug: I know I'm a pill sometimes.)

Maybe this rewatch will help. After I cheat on the holy order with a quickie view of my beloved Razor, I'm starting with the Miniseries, probably the most excellent part. I am spurred on in this effort by two friends who want me to work on two separate fanfic efforts. One is destined to become a cooperative writing effort, rather like a writer's RPG, and the other is to be a straight up fanfic novel.

Now, I have never done fanfic before, so ANY input would be much appreciated. Anything!?!?!? I once swore never to do fanfic. But I miss BSG SO badly that I cannot help myself. I miss the strength I gained by osmosis from watching those characters, loving them and taking their fighting spirit into me.
:drool:On with the re-watch!
And to all you other writers... Mazel Tov! Good Luck.

:nav: Lynn AKA Zoe

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Cylon-Knight Icon

23 May 2010 - 01:56 AM
Very cool! I'll expect a signed copy of the first printing ;) You have talent and they clearly see that. GO LYNN!

Zoe Icon

23 May 2010 - 02:25 AM

Cylon-Knight, on 23 May 2010 - 02:56 AM, said:

Very cool! I'll expect a signed copy of the first printing ;) You have talent and they clearly see that. GO LYNN!

From your mouth tot the Publishers Ears....:adama-pancarte001:
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