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Hey! I just thought I'd blog for a second........ there.

Wasting Time

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I just thought I'd waste some more time with a blog entry :) I am "postin and I can't shut up" tonight. haha

I need to work on my new art contest entry. I should be wasting time on it now - OOPS!
BE SURE to enter your artwork in one - or both - of the art contests here at


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Well, I was looking at all the settings options for blogs and I made a second one by mistake! HA - OOPS!
So, I thought I'd blog about it... how pathetic, huh?

New look

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Whee, the site has a great new look and many new functions. :)
Got to try them all out - hence - BLOG


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Finally - the weather is not NUTS. I am off to paint more Raider parts shortly. Photos later...

Nothing much

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I got two parts glued on my Raider last night. Tonight RAINING and cold again... still no spray painting! Also, have some work that I had to bring home from the day job. *sigh*

That is - Ensign Cylon-Knight to "YOU"

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Haha! 202 posts, I'm an Ensign now. Watch out Ensign Wesley Crusher, I'm getting ready to "go-Cylon" on you! Image reduced in size

I love my shiny new rank pin. All shiny like my Cylon head, arms, shoulder, backpack, boots, and ... well I think you get the picture. Image reduced in size

Raider Work

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Image reduced in size...


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Ah... Friday. Got out of work a little early, then went to see some good friends and eat out with them at a new restaurant. Now... to BED! Heehee after sleeping late in the morning, it will be time to paint on my Cylon Raider. Hope to get A LOT done on it this weekend while it is near 80 degrees - as Sunday it is forecasted to snow again. How...


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Yes, I was TIRED yesterday and didn't do much when I got home from work - then to bed "early" (10:44 pm). Too bad I'm not a REAL classic Cylon - charge up for a few minutes and be done with it. haha

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