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obsolete toaster Icon Screw you, Governor Pence of Indiana. You just legalized bigotry in your state. Here's hoping the economic fallout is swift and severe...

Yesterday, 07:45 PM

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Captain Taurus Icon Tired and depressed. Need off this merrygoround!

Mar 25 2015 12:38 PM

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Electricbolt's Photo

Electricbolt Icon 41 days until FCBD 2015!

Mar 22 2015 10:00 PM

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p0is0n0us's Photo

p0is0n0us Icon Now Terry Practchett has passed away, this month sucks!

Mar 12 2015 12:13 PM

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dead girl Icon Anity Ekberg 1931 - 2015

Jan 11 2015 05:24 PM

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Zipper's Photo

Zipper Icon Merry Christmas everyone!

Dec 25 2014 08:36 AM

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Ravenshayde Icon Looking forward to Sunday....I get some free time in over a year :D

Nov 27 2014 12:57 PM

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I Voted Baltar Icon Irequire entertainment :(

Nov 22 2014 05:43 PM

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dsgtdave Icon How's it going :D

Oct 15 2014 01:10 PM

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William Adama's Photo

William Adama Icon Sadly that trekunited is dead.(((

Oct 07 2014 10:30 PM

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News & Announcements

Come here to find out the latest news and announcements from the staff here at Only an admin or mod can start a topic, but anyone can reply.

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Unread category

Welcome Section

New to & Come here and make your first post.

  1. Birthdays & Anniversaries
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Battlestar Galactica Movie News

News about the new upcoming Battlestar Galactica film . This is were any member can submit news about the new BSG film!

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Battlestar Galactica TV News

News about Battlestar Galactica on Television . This is were any member can submit news about Galactica (New or TOS), Caprica or Blood and Chrome.

  1. Blood & Chrome News
  2. Caprica News
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Questions & Feedback

Post any questions and/or feedback regarding & here.

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BSG, Caprica and Blood & Chrome Art & Graphics

Show us your Battlestar Galactica, Caprica or Blood & Chrome art or graphics here!

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Unread category & Gallery

We have thousands of screen caps and images from every episode of all 3 BSG shows and Capricaas well as specials, deleted scenes, and a whole lot more! Look for Blood & Chrome coming soon! This is the section for news and postings regarding the gallery. A portal to the gallery is also located here.

  1. Gallery Portal
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Unread forum & Video Center

Click here to open the video player and watch BSG, Caprica and Blood & Chrome related videos right on the forum! You can also comment about videos in this section.

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Unread forum & Audio Center

This is your one stop for all BSG, Caprica and Blood & Chrome related audio. Podcasts, interviews, soundtrack clips, audio clips, sound effect bytes, and much more!

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Battlestar Galactica Movie (2015) Discussion

Talk about the new BGS movie here!

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Caprica Episode Guide - DVD,Soundtrack, and Digital Download Information

This is a read-only guide to all the episodes to date of Caprica, sorted by season. If you want to talk about these episodes please do so in the categories below. Caution, may contain spoilers. Here you will find information regarding the DVD, Soundtrack, and Digital Download releases as well.

  1. Season 1 Episodes & 2009 Pilot DVD
  2. Caprica DVD, Soundtrack, and Digital Download Information
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Unread category

Caprica Discussion

Talk about all Caprica topics here.

  1. Caprica Cast and Crew
  2. Caprica Tech!
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BSG Episode Guide

This is a read-only guide to all the episodes to date of Battlestar Galactica, sorted by season. If you want to talk about these episodes please do so in the categories below. Caution, may contain spoilers.

  1. Season 4.5 Episodes & 'The Plan' Movie
  2. Season 4.0 Episodes & 'Razor' Movie
  3. Season 3 Episodes
  4. Season 2 Episodes
  5. Season 1 Episodes & 2003 Miniseries
  • 75 Topics
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Battlestar Galactica Discusion

Talk about BSG series(2003-2009)here.

  1. BSG Season 4, DVD Movies & Beyond
  2. BSG Season Three
  3. BSG Season Two
  4. BSG Season One
  • 629 Topics
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Unread category

BSG Cast & Crew

Talk about the cast and crew of NuBSG here. From the Miniseries through Season 4 and beyond.

  1. Cast and Crew Bio Information
  • 432 Topics
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Unread forum

BSG Tech!

Talk Battlestar Galactica Technology from the new series. Anything from ships, weapons, Cylons, astrology, etc.. can be talked about here.

  • 127 Topics
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Unread forum

Blood & Chrome Discussion

Talk about the Blood & Chrome TV/Web movie here

  • 23 Topics
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Toggle this category Hanger Museum

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Classic (1978) BSG

Talk about the original series here.

  1. 1978 BSG Episodes
  2. 1978 BSG Episode Discussion
  3. 1978 BSG Cast and Crew
  4. 1978 BSG Merchandise
  • 183 Topics
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Unread category

Galactica 1980

Talk about the ill-fated series here.

  1. 1980 BSG Episodes
  2. Galactica 1980 Episode Discussion
  3. Galactica 1980 Cast and Crew
  4. Galactica 1980 Tech
  • 50 Topics
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Pyramid Table

Use this forum to talk about any misc. topics not covered by the other sections.

  1. Scifi Websites
  • 538 Topics
  • 70,400 Replies
Unread forum

BSG & Caprica Comics, Literature and Fan Fiction

Talk about any BSG & Caprica books, mags, or comics here! This is also the forum to discuss fan-made works regarding the BSG & Caprica universe, or to post your own fan fiction.

  • 65 Topics
  • 390 Replies
Unread forum

BSG & Caprica Games

Talk about BSG & Caprica video games here!

  • 27 Topics
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Unread forum

BSG & Caprica Toys, Collectables & Props

Talk about BSG & Caprica toys, collectibles, memorabilia, and props here!

  • 237 Topics
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Unread forum

Conventions & Get-Togethers

Talk about conventions and any other sci-fi related get-togethers or live events.

  • 161 Topics
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Toggle this category Scifi, Fantasy, Horror & Comics

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General Scifi & Fantasy

Talk about sci-fi and fantasy shows or movies that are not covered by specific categories below.

  1. StarGate
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Unread forum

Horror, Supernatural & Apocalyptic

Discuss TV, movie and other media relating to Horror, the Supernatural and Apocalypse themes.

  • 23 Topics
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Unread forum

Marvel and DC Universe

Talk about everything to do with Marvel and DC Comics, including tv, movies, web and print.

  • 99 Topics
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Unread forum

Scifi, Fantasy, Horror & Comic Art & Graphics

Show us your Scifi or Fantasy art or graphics here! Also make sure to check out the great art and graphics from p0is0n0us and other members here.

  • 157 Topics
  • 2,743 Replies
Unread forum

Doctor Who, Torchwood & SJA

Talk about Doctor Who, Torchwood or The Sarah Jane Adventures here!

  • 544 Topics
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Unread forum

Star Wars

Talk about everything Star Wars and Clone Wars here!

  • 18 Topics
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Unread forum

Star Trek

Talk about anything Star Trek here! For more in depth Star Trek talk dont forget to visit our friends at or

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